Hey, I’m Kelli

Once upon a time I thought writing sale’s copy was what insecure men did in front of whiteboards. IN short, I wanted nothing to do with it.

That was until… I opened my mini spa nearly a decade ago. I had no idea how to write copy as I wrote the words for my first website.  I didn’t realize there were necessary elements needed to captivate one’s audience.

Honestly, I just wrote like I talked and I got a lot of interest because of it. Clients said they booked because the description of my facials sounded like their best friend talking to them. My random skin & food blog (back when blogs were a thing) had a decent following because people saw themselves in my stories.

Eventually my writing started to get more attention than the wellness services I was writing about, so I started to do it for other businesses. The more I wrote, the more I understood what created charismatic content and how we are making this copy writing thing WAY TOO complicated.

It also became crazy clear that everybody NEEDS to be writing their own words. This is not the service to hire out.

So I’m here to teach you what I do in a way that makes YOU enjoy doing it even if you think you hate it.


 after just 5 days you’ll have….

KATEMAXSTOCK – 4596.jpeg


Articulate how all of your passions come together in a way that creates a cohesive message.


What you’re offering (is it… life coaching/ career coaching/ space planning/ etc…)


How you’re offering it (your services)



All of the words on your…

Home Page

About Page

Instagram bio.

Your strategy for consistent content (i.e. what you're going to regularly write about on Instagram, Facebook, blog Posts and any other place you need words for your brand).



You know your voice and you TRUST it.

You know what you’re saying, how you’re saying it and who you’re saying it all to.

Giddy up, because your marketing material is something you get to whip up instead of wallow in.

What could easily be put off for a year, can be accomplished in 5 days… FIVE!

How it Happens


5 modules

For 5 days that contain videos & downloadable PDFs walking you through my proven process to captivating content.



Join the private Facebook group to get through the blocks. In the group you receive feedback + support from me and your peers.



 How Much?




HOLY SHIT! And it's so simple

When I started this journey almost a year ago now, I had no idea who I was, what I wanted, where I was going or who I was talking to. And I was trying so hard to fit my biggness and my gifts into a tiny little box that couldn't even come close to holding me.

It felt gross and sticky - despite my best efforts to figure it out.

And I was TERRIFIED of Module 2 because language has always been the stickiest part for me -- how can I dumb it down without dumbing me and my potency down?

But I just finished Module 2 and HOLY SHIT! SO much clarity - so much possibility and potency.

As I was writing it just clicked - I get her now. I get what she needs and wants - and I get how to talk to her to make her FEEL what she desperately wants to feel!

HOLY SHIT! And it's so simple. I can't wait to see what happens next.

-Jennifer Childers



 This Course is For…


The multi-passionate entrepreneur who is totally lost at how to turn all of their crazy into one, cohesive message that is THEM.

Those who want a website that they can’t wait to send people to. That feels like home.

Those itching to share their passion and knowledge, but have lost their identity after being instructed one too many times “don't do this or that, do it this way."

Those with a slew of “once-was” websites and Instagram accounts that have never seen the light of day because it was too much to juggle all the things.

Those who spend the greater part of a day creating one Instagram post.

Those with Google docs and iNotes filled with inspiration, but only show up on Facebook on the random Wednesday.

Those who know their words aren’t working, but updating and clarifying them keeps getting pushed to the back of the list.

Those who think what they love has already been done.

Those who think all that they love has never been done.

Those who want to get paid for being themselves.

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The Cherry On Top

Extra Resources You Get When You Sign-Up 


How To Write a Sale’s Page

Learn the key components of a sale's page that captivates, connects, and converts.


How To Create Instagram Story Covers

A step-by-step tutorial on how to make those pretty Instagram covers for your saved stories.


When you put your heart on the page…

And by heart I mean that elusive thing you want everyone in the world to feel in their bones when they work with you, writing gets so much easier.

You see Crash Course Copy is not just about the end product of a beautiful brand, it is about the process. The process of learning to write in your voice so you clearly connect with your people.

Through clarity and confidence words for all your website pages (and programs, and workshops, and speeches) flow freely, learning the skills to forever write engaging words with ease. .

-Tessa Chittle